Key Components

  • Irrigation Install/Repair
  • Annual Health Checks
  • Winter Preperation
  • Design
  • Consulting

Water Management

Providing your grounds with its proper watering needs are CRUCIAL in maintaining everything in its full potential.

Efficient irrigation systems are key to keeping your landscape healthy and vibrant – and that’s why Cutrite provides experienced specialists who will design and install the perfect system for your unique needs. From a new irrigation system installation to modification or renovation of existing systems, we analyze your landscape and design the ideal system for your property. Our technicians are also trained in diagnostics and repair to ensure that our team can analyze and correct any existing irrigation or drainage problems.

At Cutrite we also emphasize water conservation and the importance of being green. Our highly trained technicians utilize the latest irrigation products and technology, including smart controllers. These irrigation controllers utilize sensors to determine the exact amount of water your landscape requires. These controllers will reduce water consumption by one third or more – while also ensuring the health and beauty of your landscape plants and turf.

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