Key Components

  • Irrigation Install

  • Sprinkler Repair

  • Annual Health Checks

  • Winter Preperation

  • Design

  • Consulting


Providing your grounds with proper watering practices are crucial in keeping your landscape lively and healthy.  Your grounds watering needs can vary greatly depending on the region you’re located in and the type of grass you have. It’s important to note that many homeowners actually over-water their lawns.  The most healthy lawns are usually a result of a deep watering on an inconsistent basis. If you’re watering your lawn yourself, it’s best to water early in the morning or early evening. This is because wind and heat intensity are generally less at these times, allowing for less evaporation and more penetration to the soil. 


Sometimes the old garden hose won’t do the trick anymore though. That’s why we provide experienced specialists who will design and install the perfect irrigation system for your unique needs. 

We can even create a 3D model of your property to help visually represent our plan. Whether you require a new irrigation system installation to modification or renovation of existing systems, we analyze your landscape and design the ideal system for your property.

Our technicians are also trained in diagnostics and repair to ensure that our team can analyze and correct any existing irrigation or drainage problems.

Smart Technology. Smart For Your Wallet.

At Cutrite we emphasize the importance of water conservation and going green. We are always looking for ways to fuel this philosphy. That’s why you can find our highly trained technicians utilizing the latest irrigation tools and technology to better serve you. 

For instance we take advantage of something called an ‘irrigation controller’. These irrigation controllers utilize sensors to determine the exact amount of water your landscape requires.  It’s a worry-free way of keeping your lawn looking it’s best and while saving money! These controllers will reduce water consumption by 30 percent or more – while also ensuring the health and beauty of your landscape plants and turf.

Have a problem with your sprinkler heads?

Our Irrigation experts are specialized in reparing these systems in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas.

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